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“Lifelines” – Our Guiding Principles


In the Spirit (for healing and other needs) (Acts 2:8Acts 5:12-16)


We have found that the power of God is available to us right now. It’s power to overcome sin, fear, negative circumstances, and bad choices. The power to find a new outlook and a new life. We also have experienced that God often brings physical healing as well, though we understand that we are asking, not demanding.




For Christ and his purposes (Mark 8:34-37James 1:22-25)


We have found a relationship with God changes our whole approach to life! We don’t believe that we’re born by accident, live our lives by accident, and die by accident. Instead, our relationship with God connects us with eternity. We are passionate about living life fully, serving joyfully, and giving generously. We want to celebrate with those who are rejoicing and cry with those who are mourning.



Practicing the presence of God, inviting His Spirit into our services and lives (Psalm 51Psalm 63)


To worship God is our highest calling and to experience His tangible presence is our greatest joy. We are no longer on our own, but have a wise, loving guide to walk with us.



To know God and make Him known (Romans 8:28Matthew 28:19-20)


Each of us is created for a purpose. It is our goal to help each person walk out that purpose. Each of us is a unique creation with certain talents and gifts. When we are able to exercise those gifts, our purpose becomes our passion. Living out our passion energizes our lives and makes them more fulfilling.



To love, redeem, restore, heal, teach, equip and engage (1 Corinthians 13Colossians 1:9-14,Galatians 6:11 Corinthians 12:9Matthew 28:202 Timothy 3:16-17John 20:21)


God loves people! He created us. When mankind screwed up, God did something about it. Something very, very personal. He wants to restore us, heal us, give us a new perspective, and reengage us with life. God never said, “Clean yourself up and then come to me.” Instead He says, “Come to me and I’ll clean you up.” God will, if you let Him, make you a better you!



To be in intimate communion with, and responsive to, God (Matthew 6:5-13Matthew 21:13)


A people of prayer are often spared the pain of “doing God’s work, man’s way.” Disconnect from God while trying to do His work has led to most of history’s black eyes for Christianity. Jesus prayed as a means of staying connected with the Father. We can do no less. On a personal level, if God wants to have a relationship with us, wouldn’t it be wise to take Him up on His offer? Plus, so many of us live our lives at such a hectic pace that reflection has been almost totally eliminated. The Greek philosopher, Plato wrote, “The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” The prophet Jeremiah said, “Let us examine our ways and test them…”



To prosper and grow mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually (Proverbs 28:25,Jeremiah 29:11)


God loves you too much to leave you just the way you are! By saying “prosperity” do we really mean “greed?” On the contrary. Material prosperity is having enough to give. Mental prosperity is reordered thinking that brings greater wholeness and energizes creativity. Emotional prosperity is that which restores healthy attitudes and outlooks. Social prosperity builds and restores healthy, life-giving relationships. Does coming to God mean everything around you is all roses? No! But it means YOU are different and that changes everything!



To actively engage (Matthew 4:191 Timothy 6:11)


Too often we find ourselves passively standing by as the world swirls around us at an ever increasing rate. Coaching great John Wooden often said, “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” To pursue our walk with God is to actively engage ourselves in life on a whole new level. We do not stand alone, but are part of something ANCIENT that has stood the test of time. We are not doomed to being passive bystanders, but instead we can be active influencers. We can live our lives on purpose, not by accident.